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As I have guests for at least 7 days that means a lot of food. Consequently I end up needing lots of freezer space to store food not yet ready to be cooked or various things that I prepare in advance.


Space is needed in the Freezer

I buy my dairy, bread and fruit & vegetables locally but a lot of the meat is brought by my parents from a farm shop that produces really good quality meat.

The trouble is that my freezer is not normally empty. I rarely throw away food so leftovers from meals get boxed up and put in the freezer to save me cooking another day. There is also fruits that were collected during the Summer along with basics like peas and sweetcorn.


The Freezer Shuffle

In the month running up to Christmas I work through the freezer moving things around. I fill one drawer with things that will still be there over Christmas and I fill the others with items that can be eaten.

This at least means I get plenty of easy meals as we just eat up leftovers rather than me cooking from scratch.


A little Less Work for Once

Take the opportunity to clear out old food from the freezer and benefit from cooking less often.



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