Less Stress

Major home renovation or build projects can be incredibly stressful. In fact, when the website Houzz conducted a survey they found that 12% of respondents had considered divorce during the project.
I don’t wish to worry you but when you are dealing with a small space these frustrations can be exacerbated.


So here are my top tips to reduce the stress.

  • Be prepared – both in practical terms and emotionally. You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs and (or alter your home without creating dust).
  • Agree clear responsibilities – it is going to be impossible if everyone involved is trying to make every decision. (I’ll cover this in more detail in another blog).
  • Be grateful – A small space reduces the choices significantly – and this can actually reduce the stress. You don’t have that feeling of “is the best ‘whatever’ that I can find?”
    It becomes a case of, “Well it has to be this because nothing else fits.”
  • And finally, maybe add a little into the budget for a night away in a lovely hotel just to recharge your batteries for the next onslaught.