More Space…

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Learn my key tips for creating space


If you are here reading this then I presume you do not have a large mansion where even the pets have their own rooms. 
I imagine you are here because either your home feels too small or you have some tricky small rooms within a larger house. 

There are a number of reasons why spaces feel too small:

• You can’t seem to fit in all the furniture you need
• There is too much stuff around
• The space feels small and pokey
• You are just too big for the space (an odd idea but it does make a difference. Rest assured though my advice will not suggest you just get smaller).

So what are the options to gain the space you need?

1. Create more space: Add on, e.g. Extensions, conversions
2. Reorganise so that the same activities can carry on and the same stuff be stored but in a less cluttered way.
3. Change the look to make a space feel bigger – use the art of illusion.
YouJust Rightsize shows you practical ideas that get to the crux of the issue and help you remodel successfully. Learn how to use good design principles; focussing on how things work as well as how they look.
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